Restorative Practices refers to a collection of processes that serve to build, maintain, and repair relationships. These practices strengthen communities and allow a space for conflict to be transformed into an opportunity for greater understanding.

Restorative Justice is a restorative practice that is used after a crime or wrongdoing has occurred. Restorative Justice is increasingly being implemented as an alternative to the traditional justice system.

The Restorative Justice process brings together victim, offender, and community members to ask three central questions:

  1. What happened?
  2. Who was impacted and how?
  3. What is needed to make things right?

This site is a collection of case studies, articles, and interviews intended to delve more deeply into the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of Restorative Practices. I welcome comments, questions, and thoughts in response to the writing posted on this site. My hope is to create space for discussion about a promising alternative in a justice system in dire need of reform.


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