Training and Consulting

I offer bespoke restorative practices training and consulting services for schools, universities, businesses, and community groups.


Each workshop is adapted to your needs and context in order to best support the integration of restorative practices in your community. Trainings are highly experiential and rooted in the restorative values of respect, participation, and equal voice. To read more about my training philosophy, check out Teaching Restorative Practices through Games: And Experiential and Relational Restorative Pedagogy or listen to this episode of the Talking Piece podcast.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Restorative Justicespeaking
  • Introduction to Restorative Practices
  • Transforming Workplace Culture through Restorative Practices
  • Restorative Practices for the Classroom
  • Building a Restorative Community
  • Building a Restorative University
  • Circle Facilitation
  • Restorative Justice Facilitation
  • Learning Restorative Practices through Games
  • Train the Trainers: Teaching Restorative Practices Restoratively

“I appreciated the thoughtful and intentional structure of the course from the way the chairs were arranged in a circle around the center of the room each day, to the choice of speak pieces, to the topics we explored and the games we played to cement the learning. I appreciated the touch of theory and the great depth of time spent roleplaying restorative practices. I feel like I gained more from this course than almost any other course I’ve ever taken because the material was applied, thoughtful, and challenging of “the way we usually do things.” Additionally, the instructor was wonderfully centered, balanced, and approachable. She handled questions and challenges with ease, and she made sure everyone felt recognized and heard.”  – Boise State University Student

Facilitation and Consulting

I offer facilitation services to bring a restorative response to issues, incidents, and conflicts in your community.

I also offer coaching and consultation to those implementing restorative programs, policies and leadership styles.

For more information and rates, please be in touch!

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