Case Studies

  • Restorative Justice and #MeToo
    The New York Times recently published an opinion piece titled #MeToo Doesn’t Always Have to Mean Prison. It is an excellent article that highlights the benefits of making a restorative justice response available to those who have experienced sexual harm. As the article notes, “#MeToo rightly emphasizes victims’ healing and accountability for the people who harmed them. […]
  • How Can Circles Benefit Spiritual Communities?
    About a month ago, a local church approached our team about how they could implement restorative practices in their community. They are a very diverse church with many English language learners who have recently moved to New Zealand from other countries. Especially because of these language and cultural barriers, it can be difficult for all […]
  • Sustained Restorative Dialogue – Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harm on Campus
    Over the past two years, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) has taken significant steps towards becoming a Restorative University. This has involved the use of restorative processes both in a reactive way, as a response to misconduct or incidents of harm, and a proactive way, in order to build community, enhance belonging and mutual responsibility, […]
  • Can Restorative Justice Counter Harmful Narratives of Masculinity?
    Type of process: Restorative Justice Conference Conference Participants: Impacted Party (Victim) – Peter Responsibly Party (Offender) – Nathan Friend – Jake 2 Facilitators Possible Criminal Charges: Sexual Assault Referring agent: University counseling staff Factual Synopsis: Nathan sexually assaulted Peter at a party. Narrative: Peter and Nathan had been friends for a long time. They grew up together and chose […]
  • Is Restorative Justice effective for Sexual Assault?
    Type of process: Restorative Justice Conference Conference Participants: Impacted Party (Victim) – Cindy Cindy’s Support Person- Amber Responsibly Party (Offender) – Luke Luke’s Support Person – Zane Head of Hall – Ray 2 Facilitators Possible Criminal Charges: Sexual Assault Referring agent: University Residential Life staff Factual Synopsis: Luke sexually assaulted Cindy.  Narrative: The use of restorative justice for […]

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