Restorative Justice from a Police Perspective

This is a great video from a few years ago interviewing one of the liaison police officers here in Longmont. He is a great support for the Restorative Justice program and does an awesome job of explaining the importance of RJ!

We like to tease him about being a YouTube phenomenon, but it really is an awesome video!

2 responses to “Restorative Justice from a Police Perspective”

  1. Hi Lindsey, Thanks for sending this video and all of your blog entries….they are all so good and explain the program so well. I have a question…is the program supported entirely from a grant or do people donate to it? Also, can I forward your blog to some friends who might be interested in reading about it. Let me know. Love, Grammy


    1. Thanks Grammy!
      Most of our funding comes from grants and the city government, but we receive donations from individuals too. Every little bit helps!
      Please forward my blog to whoever you think may be interested!
      I love you!


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