Restorative Justice Has Something for Everyone

State Representative Pete Lee has successfully passed several bills advancing Restorative Justice in Colorado since he was first elected in 2011. The most recent of these bills was passed unanimously. At the Colorado Restorative Justice Symposium in September, Representative Lee explained how he achieved this astounding bipartisan support.

“To the Libertarian Republicans who are skeptical of all government, I talked about how restorative justice removes criminal offenses from the judicial system and allows the parties to work out their issues with a private facilitator.

To the Fiscal Conservatives, I spoke about cost savings.

To the Moral Conservatives, I emphasized individual responsibility and accountability.

To the Progressives, I spoke about creating communities and repairing relationships.

To the Law and Order Set, I spoke about enhanced public safety and reduced recidivism and restitution.

To the Victim Advocates, I talked about respect, and the beginning of healing.

The elegance of restorative justice is that is has something for everyone.”

One response to “Restorative Justice Has Something for Everyone”

  1. This is very encouraging. In Idaho, we are faced with a very skeptical legislature. It sounds as though Representative Lee did a great job of becoming a hub and pulling people to the center. That’s what it takes!

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