Rotary Global Grant Blog April 2018

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April was a great month and included my 27th birthday! I had a bit of a cold on the real day, but still had a lovely low-key celebration and spent the weekend enjoying the beauty of Castlepoint and feeling grateful for an amazing past year of life!

This month, the work we are doing to build a restorative community was featured on the VUW webpage. Haley and I were interviewed for the article, which you can read here.

Haley and I also delivered a Restorative Justice Facilitator Training for Accommodations staff at the university. It was a wonderful group and is so exciting to see the community of restorative practitioners and advocates at the university growing!

A highlight of the month was Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaking at Victoria University to announce the end to new contracts for offshore oil and gas drilling in New Zealand. It was very hopeful and inspiring to see a leader taking concrete steps to address climate change. It is also personally so inspiring to see a young woman and expecting mother as the leader of the country and all that she has accomplished already in her role. The future feels bright!

You can read the latest issue of the Rotary Peacebuilder Newsletter on the topic of gun control here. My contribution tells the story of a restorative justice response to reckless endangerment with a gun.

In preparation for the Restorative Justice EdX course, which begins on May 1st, VUW has posted the mock pre-conference and conference videos we created online. If you would like to see an example of what restorative justice looks like in action, please enjoy the videos below.

Victim Post-Incident Interview:

Offender Post-Incident Interview:

Pre-Conference Meeting with Offender:

Restorative Justice Conference:

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