Rotary Global Grant Blog March 2019

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After submitting my dissertation at the end of February, March kicked off with a trip to Melbourne to visit one of my closest childhood friends. It was wonderful to relax and laugh with a good friend after the final push to complete my thesis. And Melbourne is such a great city!

Since returning to Wellington, I have been busy catching up on the work that got put to the side during the final weeks/months of writing my thesis including finalizing two forthcoming articles, one on using games to teach restorative practices and one on the sustained restorative dialogue pilot. I will post more information as soon as they are available!

There were two training highlights this month! We offered a training on restorative tools for transforming workplace culture to attorneys at Crown Law. It was a great group and they were very engaged with both the proactive and reactive applications. It is wonderful to see the positive impact these tools can have in workplaces!

The second training highlight was offering a workshop on how to teach restorative practices in a way that is in alignment with the restorative philosophy to a group of fellow restorative practitioners. I have been dreaming about this training for a while and designed all new activities to help encourage a discussion about what makes a learning experience restorative and to give them the experience of designing, facilitating and debriefing their own activities for teaching restorative practices. We were amazed by what they came up with! I also got to try out a brand new activity I designed called “Build the Nest,” which engages with the Nested Theory of Conflict in a creative way in order to better understand the structural roots of crime. It was two evenings of amazing conversations and creativity and something I hope to get to do again soon!

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