Online Training: Restorative Practices for University Residence Halls

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Now Available Online!

This course will prepare you to implement restorative practices in your university residence hall.Universities around the world are using restorative practices to foster meaningful relationships, encourage accountability, improve communication, and cultivate feelings of connection and belonging that allow students to thrive.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand and describe the Restorative Philosophy and how it differs from punitive approaches.
  • Facilitate a Connection Circle to build relationships in your community. The circle supports the development of interpersonal skills, promotes cultural awareness, and contributes to a safe and healthy living and learning environment.
  • Facilitate a Circle for Establishing Group Norms, providing students with the opportunity to co-create their hall environment and encouraging ownership of community guidelines.
  • Facilitate a Circle to Respond to a Community Conflict or Trauma, providing a space for healing and resolution following a difficult community experience.
  • Hold a Restorative Conversation to address a conflict or behavior issue. Participants will learn how to ask effective questions, maintain a focus on impacts and repair, and resolve conflict and misbehavior in a way that honors and strengthens relationships.

Time Commitment: Approximately 8-10 hours of case studies, expert interviews, and experiential learning activities. Work through the course at your own pace and receive regular feedback from the instructor.

Cost: $275 (group discounts available)


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  1. Julie Seiniger Avatar
    Julie Seiniger

    Lindsey, when you have a class for a community volunteer, i would like to take it. Thx. Love you

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